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This month's most popular jacket award goes to Mementomori with their Batman Bomber. The Japanese designer is known for his innovative bomber jackets and the recent Batman Bomber is just another one to his collection of hit pieces.

Based out of Tokyo, the Japanese designer makes all his clothes by hand after manufacturers stated his designs were too complex to create. After learning how to design by himself, he went on to create all the pieces himself.

This allowed him to become more specific with his design language which focuses on customisation. The brands' bomber jackets are constructed of a lot of moveable pieces allowing customers to wear them to their liking. Some of the highlights of his customisation include removable hoods, sleeves, arms and jacket accessories all help together through a combination of buttons and zippers. This model mirrors the structure of Robots, which is actually the foundation of inspiration for the brand. Since then, the brand has developed its inspiration by introducing a sense of nostalgia and anime, having made pieces after cultural icons that were familiar with today. Other noteworthy designs include jackets made out of socks, gloves and the Airmax 95.

Speed is part of the price you have to pay for these functional one of one pieces as they sell out like wildfire. The designer hopes to continue creating shock worthy pieces, stay connected with his page to see the next hit.


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