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When you look at the brands’ portfolio of Faux Fur Jackets, it's easy to understand why they've been given this title. I reached out to Specthetics to discuss the brand further.

Specthetics is a brand that broke into the UK scene with its reversible faux fur jackets back in 2022. Since then, they've risen from strength to strength with each new jacket they go on to present. Their name derives from the words “Specific” + “Aesthetic” put together as the founder believes everyone and everything has its own “Specific Aesthetics” setting things and people apart from each other in a unique manner. The brand also has sustainability at heart hence the use of faux fur over real fur as well as doing limited quantities of products which they don't directly disclose with their audience meaning they're secretly getting an exclusive piece.

"Heading to China to source factories was a big step leaving everything behind in London for a few months to learn about manufacturing. I don’t have any form of ‘fashion education’, I just knew if I wanted to pursue this I had to make a big move and find a way to make my designs come to life. London is always home to me, the sense of community and street style is unmatched."

The owners finally made the move to visit numerous manufacturers in China. Visiting these places increased their awareness of the endless possibilities of faux fur designs realising they would be able to do two, three or even four tones of colour on one strand of fur.

“The pieces feel like they start to look more like a piece of art than just clothing” they stated.

The brand has never really been too keen on logo heavy designs hence so much emphasis on materials, textures and colours used. Their favourite pieces include the Glacier Reversible Jacket, the Slate Ninja, the Camo Jacket and probably the corduroy camo hat for its versatility and how underrated they believed it to be.

How do you come up with ideas for the faux fur pieces?

"I wanted to craft designs that appeal to an individual’s specific aesthetics, blending in streetwear and luxury wear and relying less on logos but the designs themselves. By utilising faux fur materials with the functionality of an everyday waterproof jacket, the reversible aspect gives you the best of both aesthetics."

Looking into the future, Specthetics look to diversify and release a lot of designs they've been holding onto. It will be interesting to see how creatively they utilise materials in their upcoming pieces.


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