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We recently discovered Sphene Studios and wanted to shine light on it for you guys. In terms of product design and customer experience, this is a great opportunity for designers to take and elevate their products to the next level.


Sphene studios helps brands create & sell augmented, on-chain fashion. Think of them like gore-tex, sphene is not a brand, but a company offering augmented fashion technology to their curated list of brand partners.

Having launched at Complexcon 2022, they allow brands to break design barriers since they are originally constraint by just physical design. They've already gone on to work with Pythia, Saint Valentine, Goorin Bros & more!

They've pioneered a new design medium where holograms are embedded in the fabric. Upon scanning, buyers are able to check the exact edition of the piece, verify ownership, check ownership history, check it's live market price, check season release, receive second hand royalties and protect themselves from counterfeits as every item receives its own identity.


Sphene wants to make this technology more accessible to brands, artists and independent designers in a simple and brand neutral way. They also hope to bring these creatives to a new frontier of fashion as this is an emerging category in the industry.

This can empower brands, creatives, designers and fans to express themselves in a new way through "richer stories and interactions"

"Creating a collection with sphene technology means embedding your product with magic"


Augmented fashion connects physical items with on chain fashion that projects digital information and visuals. This is done with two technologies at core: Blockchain & Augmented reality.

It will be interesting to what underground brands go on to work with them and what they come up with. We all know that underground designers are some of the innovative in the fashion industry and so this is definitely a good avenue for all designers to pursue.

Let’s stay tuned to see where this technology as a whole goes.

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