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After taking a step back to prioritise designing, is back with its latest piece: the ‘Rib cage Duffle’.

If you didn't already know about BBS*, let me put you on. BBS* is a high-end fashion brand from Northamptonshire, UK. Pushing 1970s punk culture through exclusivity and high-quality garments. Created in 2020 and debuting in early 2022, the owner and designer @_tedgray_ took time to explore and experiment with his designs.

The brand is largely rooted in his upbringing which revolved around fashion and biological studies. His aim is to express that with the skeletal system and its Latin terminology to an audience synonymous with punk culture and its dark colour palette outfits. Ted's main vision is to allow the audience to be taken on a tour through how he sees the world and how that translates into his experimentation with design. With this, the brand encourages the audience to amend the clothes in any way they desire whether it's cutting, sewing or dyeing the piece.

“Taking BBS* on your own journey is what's most important”.


- When: Friday 28th April

- Where:

- Price: £206

- Materials & Specs: Genuine High-Quality Black Leather / 48cm x 28cm x 30cm / cream rib cage embroidered directly into the bag / one large zip pocket on the inside

- Made to order

I remember when this brand first approached me for a feature before the revamp. To see the progression of where they took their designs shows me how serious BBS* are. The designer, Ted Gray explained taking time off to focus on design, and the bag itself is a testament to that. I'm especially impressed with the levels a brand of that size is setting. Part of being a designer is envisioning new ideas, however executing that idea well, is often the harder step. When I look at the quality, the detail, the story behind the duffle and even the simple slogan of "Your Second Rib Cage", I think the whole idea and product was executed exceptionally. With the punk style still in its resurgence, I think we can expect a promising road ahead for BBS*.

Head to their page and get ready for the drop!


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