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If you haven't caught on yet, there is a YouTuber called Quan who reviews clothes live on stream. Obviously people are going to have a problem with how he treats and talks about these clothes and rightfully so. While I'm not supporting it, I can appreciate someone giving their honest take on stuff, it's very much needed.

That being said, these brands are still getting good promo out of it. Regardless of if Quan himself doesn't like it, the viewers themselves may do. Alternatively, people have taken to TikTok to create content around this and because it's so relevant now, it's actually helping some brands grow and gain some eyes.

A lot of US brands have been using this to their advantage and while it's not for everyone, marketing wise, I find it so interesting how this can be something that can really help get your feet off the ground when starting your brand. Gaining those first sets of eyeballs when starting can be one of the trickiest stages of your brand journey.


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