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Hypebeast recently linked up with Phil Panza to document the process behind his Hat Chair.

Phil is a multidisciplinary artist who started off his career in fashion before feeling displaced in the industry. Coming from a family of builders, Phil was no stranger to different sculptures and objects. This resulted in him merging that with his fashion skills, applying different fabrics and materials to the world of sculptures. He explained how he wanted to create a symbol that bridges baseball with street culture and see hats from another perspective since they're your traditional headwear item.

Phil really took a fitted and 10Xed it in size, going on to generate him the exposure he deserved. What started as a New York Yankee fitted made from a tougher, darker and more textured material which he tufted together ended as him creating another 1/1 hometown cap for his friend. This time around, it was a Kansas City cap made out of a buttery Minky royal blue fabric laced with white Alpaca hand-stitched accents.

What do you think of the cap, let me know below.


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