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Reduce, reuse, recycle" is the motto forming the brand name @3r_wrld , a designer out of Poland creating 1 of 1 pieces from what she’s previously called “trash”.

The "boss", @pausurma , upcycles old pieces of clothing as a way of saving the world from climate change and reducing the carbon footprint. She's always had a strong interest in vintage clothing and started by upcycling sportswear pieces from the likes of Kappa, Adidas, Nike and more. While she still dabbles with a lot of sportswear, she has since expanded her upcycled pieces which include denim and designer pieces.

She's recently also locked in a campaign with IKEA in which she upcycled their iconic bags into skirts, trousers, several outerwear pieces and more. It even included another one of her plush toy jackets. Models then went on to wear these in campaign videos promoting IKEAS products.

Perhaps her signature product which gained her a lot of attention is the "102 Spikes Upcycled Denim Set". Coming in a plethora of colours, the set includes a mask and denim jacket embellished with curved spikes protruding out from all angles. The 3R World logo is then seen on the right chest almost in the same form as an emblem.

With over 10 years of experience in the game, @pausurma worked in European vintage shops before building her 1 of 1 empire. Since then, she's gone on to be inspired by fellow upcycling icons @nicolemclaughlin , @ancutasarca , @adamaneven , and @marineserre_official


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