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When Syd revealed that he went straight to this shoot and met the Osbatt team after a plane from South Africa, you know the outcome was only gonna be peak. Let's talk about it.

It’s been 6 months since the brand's last proper drop and with so much anticipation and momentum having been built up from shutting down South Africa and previewing many pieces, including the highly sought after polos, the Years of Tears Three Anniversary was the perfect time to make a return. One of the UK’s strongest duos Syd and Moi reenvision the iconic Kill Bill film starring Josh and Duvalle. I had the opportunity to speak to Moi and Syd about the collection:

What was the inspiration and vision behind the shoot + why?

kill bill more than anything, the hospital scene especially. think theres special about villians swag, its always so peak.

Moi what was your mindset / vision coming into this shoot? Was it similar to Syd’s?

“my vision is just a blend of all the work I've ever loved, did so much with so little that now I feel like u can put us in some dead location with dead gear n we jus know how to make it look peak. at this point, our visions r just intertwined”

What made you guys pick the specific settings from Kill Bill to recreate in this shoot?

We don't necessarily recreate anything, we develop the ideas, modernise them, show them through our eyes and minds. otherwise, we would just be copying Kill Bill or whatever.

Is there a specific goal with each campaign you shoot? (eg create emotion, evolve from the last one, capture a certain essence etc)

I think the aim has always been making lookbooks that can stand on their own, everyone has their own favourite, there is no “best osbatt shoot” they’re all just peak n hold their own.

Describe the team relationship in a few words

jus bullshit really, we don't even take it serious as we should most of the time, stress aint part of the team. On a real one, I think the reason we work so well is the lack of status n the amount of trust we got, in each other n the lord.

The collection will be available, this Friday December 1st @9pm UK time, only on Years of Tears featuring 12 new products. Don't miss out!


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