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Nik Bentel got another banger on their hands and they're tapping into maths with their Orb bag. We asked them about it and here's what they had to say!

"Our goal in creating the Orb Bag was to create a handbag shape that warped light. Was there a mathematically precise shape that would confuse/mesmerize someone by simply looking at its reflection?

The Orb Bag, takes its design from a special type of algebraic surfaces known as the Dupin cyclide. These surfaces are generated by rotating a conic section, such as an ellipse or a hyperbola, around an axis that doesn't intersect the object's plane. This process of rotation is how the pristine and continuous form of the Orb Bag was created. Thereby creating a mathematically calculated bag, with a high shine chrome finish that  continually reflects the surrounding environment."

Drop Info

When: Available Now!

Price: $250

Units: 150 units

Extra: Bag comes with dust bag and unique verification token


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