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In light of Ellis Gilbert's birthday last weekend, I wanted to shine light on his brand, Soho Yacht Club aka the Nicest Brand in the UK. Their iconic motto "Do Something Nice Today", not only encourages others to do it, but the brand also sets the example for the slogan as outlined above.

While many brands claim to be "more than a brand" but instead a "lifestyle" Soho Yacht Club is a brand that truly embodies that label. We all know actions speak louder than words, and the noise Soho Yacht Club makes with their philanthropic efforts deserves the spotlight.

The team behind Soho Yacht Club understand how to harbour and nurture a community. The authenticity seeps through their garms and so to have a brand dedicated to doing nice things for those around you is really a breath of fresh air within the streetwear scene.

Here are some of the nicest things they've done for the community.


Their first drop had all profits go to feeding School Kids over the Easter Holiday.


SYC linked up with Foot Patrol for World Book Day where they exchanged studying books for limited edition SYC x Foot Patrol T's. All books were donated to local Primary schools.


Later that month, SYC built and opened a bereavement garden at a local primary school, using profits from their Breakfast Club Drop, a year prior.

It's clear that Ellis has found his purpose in life and uses clothes as a vehicle to express that. There is so much more we could list which you can see on his personal page while some I'm sure he's chosen to perform privately. From raising money, clothes and resources, to feeding and teaching kids plus various other community welfare efforts, Ellis and his brand are truly the nicest in the UK.

Soho Yacht Club are just one of the brands hailing out of London. If you want to know more about the brand or brands out of the UK's capital, head to our youtube channel to view our "Brands on the Map: London" video. I'm hoping to roll out part two after I cover other parts of the world.

Do Something Nice Today.


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