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I came across this brand the other day and loved the ads plus the overall feel of the brand. So you know I had to approach the brand ask them some questions.

What sparked it and how did you think of it?

I’ve been wanting to build a brand on my own for years. After finishing school for industrial design and starting to work in the industry, I wanted to build a platform of my own where my creative efforts can live on.

To be completely honest, after entering a design role at a big brand, I found myself itching to build the story telling aspect of each product I helped design. It felt weird to work super hard on a product then pass it own for others to build how it gets presented to the world (or sometimes doesn’t get the presented at all, just lands in a site with no marketing)

So the desire to have my own brand is really rooted in building a portfolio of creative direction that I don’t get to build from my professional career as a footwear designer.

Your creatives looks really chill and friendly but not in a cringy way, how did you form this aesthetic?

The aesthetic for me had to feel authentic to myself and feel like it could be timeless. I enjoy thoughtful one liners and slogans then also imagery that is inviting enough in curiosity but also dynamic enough to catch your eye.

The aesthetic is still being built of course but the reasoning it ended up how it is more aligns with your next question.

They also have a very home made vibe to it where it seems a low budget was utilised very well. Am I right in saying this? and If so, walk us through the process behind executing your creatives.

The campaigns do feel homey because they are all shot in my garage and one trip to a cabin in Maine so far.

I moved to this apartment in Allston Ma and they had these few garages I could rent for cheap. They were cluttered and moldy but I saw something rad that could be made. So I challenged myself to build the brand home within the aesthetic of the garage which naturally had cinderblock and plywood walls and a big ceiling light.

Having consistent environment that we could build out for campaigns was perfect in building the visual identity of the brand. I’d like one day for The consumer to see a photo and go “ oh that’s the window seat garage”

And yes we created each campaign with little money, dumpster lumber, some power tools and whole lot of will power.

What is the aim of the ads? (what did you want people to feel? how did you want the brand to be perceived etc)

The aim of the ads is honestly to build a relatable connection to the consumer. Sometimes it’s done through humour and a tongue in cheek tagline or sometimes it the honest goofiness of dancing with your gf around valentines day.

Regardless of the presentation, I hope to create looks and feels that people can relate to or for them to see and just think is plain cool.

The brand still looks like it’s in its infancy, what’s the vision and plans for the brand moving forward?

The brand is definitely in its infancy, we launched in October 2023 and have plans for two more drops for 2024.

The vision is a long term goal of building 2-3 drops each year with variety of product for each one. Hoping more clothing and artwork but also designing hard goods that are fun.

Big dream goals is to have a real studio space one day open to the public that acts as a retail and maker space for the brand and creatives

that will take time:) baby steps for now haha regardless I am just having fun making cool projects with my friends.


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