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The Keyboard Puffer by @liminal_workshop lands today!

Liminal Workshop is a brand that has just started making waves around social media for their keyboard puffer jacket. However, this isn't the only thing dropping with them having also previewed a tracksuit on their page.

Their tracksuit comes in a green colourway with snooker-like balls embroidered all over the tracksuit. Each ball has a letter on them making out the words "LIMINAL" which at this time, seems to be their logo. On the other hand, their puffer jacket resembles a real-life keyboard with a 3D effect, being made out of faux leather.

When you look at the dates, the computer set and the images themselves, Liminal have a nostalgic aesthetic to them echoing the late 2000s. It's very impressive for your first drop and refreshing to see as it's an aesthetic we're not very familiar with in this space. We'll have to see if they continue this aesthetic over time but for now, I'm looking forward to how they grow and what else they got loaded.

Their first drop lands today at 6pm BST, head to their page for more.


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