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ALL INCLUSIVE is a jewellery brand on a mission to become synonymous with accessorising the streetwear scene. The brand looks to position itself as a streetwear jewellery brand harbouring an inclusive community that is provided high-quality designs, beautifully and ethically crafted by empowered female artisans. Gen Z's inescapable requirements for brands to be eco-conscious, inclusive and create community while providing beautiful products meets ALL INCLUSIVE's concept of creating "a brand for all people that embrace inclusivity through design.” The idea is to create jewellery for the youth that has never been seen before while doing good for the planet’s communities along the way.

The brand was founded in 2023 by Adi & Ash. Adi’s been designing and manufacturing jewellery for 22 years. Bringing along a wealth of experience and a new perspective to where the next avenue of jewellery in fashion is opening, he saw the need for a brand that resonated with the ethos of positivity, inclusion and community. Adi’s nephew, Ash came into the business just at that time. Fresh out of college in London, he experienced the fashion forward multicultural hub that the city provided. They knew that if they were to create a brand within that ethos, they’d also require a product that is unique in every sense.

After having lived abroad in the US and the UK, they felt an urgency to uplift and empower women in their home country India; that’s why ALL INCLUSIVE jewellery is made entirely by female artisans in Mumbai. To do good globally, right at their inception, they’ve partnered with the Hetrick-Martin Institute to help provide systems of care to the youth in America that need it the most.

This year they launched their “Conscious Consumerism Program” in an effort to reduce waste in the fashion industry. It allows those that have purchased any ALL INCLUSIVE jewellery to return it to them if it's been damaged - or simply if they want to refresh their collection.

Expanding on the topic of creating planet friendly products, their jewellery is made entirely of recycled metals and zircon crystals. They then proceed to develop custom colour palettes in-house, to provide a selection of signature colourways that coat their jewellery.

Having grown up with such a great passion for streetwear, Ash understood the importance of small details in each piece. That's why along with the colour ways, standout motifs are the embossed “plus” signs and geometric honeycomb pattern on the back of the studs.

“The jewellery is so personal to us, that’s why each colourway’s name is a nod to a family member or friend, something that they made their own and shared with us.” - Ash

Having started the brand out of their good intentions, their aim is to live and breathe those qualities they grow.

Join them on their journey below.


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