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Loho has been teasing some new jeans recently thats being received very well already, so ahead of their drop tomorrow, lets talk about them!

I believe this is one of the first pieces in this new direction you’re taken for your brand, with new iconography and branding. How do these jeanz fit into that new vision and why did they these get conceptualised?

I’ll be real, I’m obsessed with denim, especially creating denim pieces that you and your friends can look fly as well as comfortable in. I wanted to make a piece that has an actual story by fusing West African symbols with London swag

How are these Jeanz different to the others?

I feel like we always gotta pave our own lane for everything we create, so jeanz is just my version of denim that me and my friends admire

I see a whole new symbol on the jeanz, as well as a whole lot of panelling, tell us about the construction of them and the details?

So I actually experimented with a couple handmade samples to perfect the panelling.

The tag is a well known signature branding element of By loho, talk to us about that

I then used Clo 3-D to digitally tailor and finalise the piece to the perfect measurements. The symbol at the back is a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol from the Bono people of Gyaman that means unity in diversity - that to me is very powerful a statement, even looking at the people around me that I love, all different and unique people coming together for one cause. That is power in my opinion.

What’s the story and process behind it?

I love the use of metal on garments. The metal patch is like a symbol for the people that know the story behind the project. It unifies all the garments and unifies the people who relate to each pieces story. It also just looks very hard to me.

What’s the purpose of these jeanz and where are you looking to take it ?

These jeanz are kinda like the finale in a trilogy I’ve been working on for the past two years. They wrap up the story of the three star philosophy that I’m always tryna push. The idea of just getting through hardships and finding yourself at the end.

Catch the Drop Tomorrow on Sunday March 31st @ 8pm UK Time


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