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One thing I love is when designers take the time to create a good campaign shoot.

Many brands come to me asking why their products aren't selling or how they can improve their brand and the number one issue is presentation. How your brand's concept and story is told through images, social media, your website etc. is where most brands fall into a pit. Imagery is the easiest way to gain the best return for improving your brand. You've got to use imagery to tell a story and build a world your audience can be invited to. This is how you create a brand people resonate with and stay loyal to. Video is also as good, if not better because it's easier for people to imagine your clothes being worn in person. Media, visual branding, aesthetics, signature styles, your website and social media presences are the opportunities to present your brand in the best light possible.

But how do you do this? Brand concept. Your brand needs to embody and originate a core message. Why does your brand exist and who are you representing? The late Virgil Abloh emphasised building an environment around hour products and designs instead of trying to create the best product ever. No one knows your brand concept better than you so your job is to translate that through your designs but most importantly your environment.

The use of storylines, props, colours, settings and even models and stylists are all areas worth investing in to really elevate your product. You may not have the most amazing product but what you can do is make your products look like the best thing ever through its presentation.

The brands above are ones that understand this idea and have produced great work.


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