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When people were on Clint's head in 2021/2022 saying Corteiz's designs were mid, he took that personal and showed what Corteiz is really about from 2023 onwards.

Now don’t quote me on the exact lines but I remember Clint expressing on his story how he always wanted to expand to an expansive product catalog where he had well thought out pieces. Obviously, that needed a little investment, especially when starting a brand with only £500, the Alcatraz logos and graphic tees would serve almost as funding to the more experimental pieces we see today.

2023 was the year we really saw Corteiz get into their experimental design bag with the Skydive Jacket, the 2023 Championships leather jacket, denim sets, sneakers, varsity jackets, the bolos and more. Take this post as “You can do it too”.

We beed a re run of the bun the rest Tee’s, my favourite Corteiz T ever.


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