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Jaffa Saba has recently hit the social media jackpot again with another piece, this time going viral with a Hand Stitched Attack on Titan Inspired Balaclava.

It took over 100+ hours to hand knit this piece and has now rightfully sold out. The intention behind the knit was the designer's “internal need to make the most intricate piece of knitwear.” The piece was completely hand stitched using upcycled wool and cotton thread while also featuring hand carved teeth.

When we do a little throwback, the designer has locked in with True Religion for two collaborations. In their second Sashiko Samurai Collection, Jeff customised a skull with denim scraps and topped it off with the Sashiko Samurai Ushanka hat made of various denim pieces and embroidery techniques.

Last but not least, we got the “No One Is Illegal” Pants in October seeing the American flag, burn marks and eyelets embroidered together through the intricate boro stitch technique.

To think that these are only three of Jaffa Sabas's most intricate designs, it easily makes him one of the most attention to detail designers in the game


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