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This past Saturday on the 25th of February, corteiz announced a giveaway challenge for their much-anticipated Nike Air Max 95.

The concept was simple. You had two chances to hit the bar from the 18-yard box and if you did, you'd get a pair of the unreleased sneakers in your preferred size.

Hundreds of people lined up outside the pitch which was wrapped in Corteiz’s Alcatraz logo. The coordinates dropped on the day, which is Corteiz tradition at this point.

The event also came with a few bonuses where the first person to hit the bar would receive the ball with Camavinga's signature on it and one person would win a thousand pounds if they hit the bar wearing 95s.

The idea was initially thought up in October of last year. It's unclear if this was for the Nike collab as Clint mentioned about it not going to plan, nevertheless, he’s created something people will remember for time. seeing some of the highlights from this was really great to watch, to me, it really signified the community element at corteiz. It was great to see the amount of joy and passion expressed, particularly from Clint.

You can tell that for him, it's more than just clothes, he could've done this collab and made a fortune like any other designer would. But once again, he’s using his brand to give back to those supporting him.

There were people of all ages that pulled up which shows the lengths corteiz is at. We also have to talk about the announcement for this challenge.

Having Camamvinga show us how it's done with a Clint voiceover had social media in a frenzy. I like how the corteiz kit was teased in the video too.

The marketing rollout for this collaboration has been so smart & creative, and even though Clint hates the term marketing, he's a genius at it while also understanding social media and consumer behaviour very well. Corteiz truly has the hearts of the culture.


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