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Toronto-based brand @headlessforever is back this week with Hockey Jerseys - which we’ve seen samples of flying around in the recent months. This comes as the brand recently became a sponsor of the Oshawa Minor Generals U12 Team.

The idea of headless originated around the time of lockdown, when inspired by the work of Kaws @headlessflyboy started creating concepts of characters with no head. He would post these ideas to Instagram, getting feedback from friends and family on which designs were hits or misses. Initially, he mainly made things for himself, but after a while, people began to push him to start selling the pieces so they could get their hands on them too. He still keeps some 1 of 1s to him though - perks of being a brand owner.

Seeing a gap in the Toronto streetwear scene, Flyboy elevated the brand from just screen printed hoodies and T-shirts to jeans, full zips, and fitted hats with more complex designs. Last year marked another step up, seeing the release of an embroidered tracksuit. This started off as a 1 of 1 for a friend, but once he received the sample Flyboy knew he had a hit product in the making.

Currently, the brand is looking to take another step up next year, as they look to begin releasing womenswear in collaboration with designer @jessilinajiahuan

See the extended lookbook and shop via their page! @headlessforever


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