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Embracing the Beauty of Age: The Unique Story of Better With Age

In the world of fashion, there exists a fascinating allure to garments that have been reworked and reimagined. These pieces carry an intrinsic authenticity and a profound connection to history that transcends the experience of purchasing new clothing. One brand that has mastered this sentiment is none other than Better With Age.

More than just a fashion label, Better With Age has elevated the concept of breathing new life into old clothing to a deeper level. Through their innovative approach, they weave social commentary into vintage garments, a rare feat that sets them apart. Amidst a sea of brands, Better With Age stands as a pioneer in this arena. Renowned for their boundary-pushing designs and their seamless fusion of diverse cultural elements, the brand spearheads a fresh wave of fashion that seamlessly merges innovation, edginess, and sustainability.

At the helm of this remarkable brand is Remy Milchman, the visionary owner. He articulates, “Somewhere in all of us lies a punk with a good heart. It’s the beauty of recognizing good doesn’t exist with the bad and vice versa, the sacred and the profane. I recognize that things work well with blatant contrast. A theme that shows true not only because we’re taking old clothes and creating something new with them, but also because we’re using these clothes to push the brands “Fuck the System, Not the World” mentality. We are here to normalize sustainable practice in the high-end space because recycling hasn’t always been the “cool” thing to do, and I felt responsible for changing that narrative.

The brand’s artistry lies in its adeptness at harnessing the heritage encapsulated within vintage pieces while infusing them with a newfound spirit that makes them nearly unrecognizable. This process has given birth to a distinctive identity that is entirely its own. With each stitch and added detail, Better With Age captures the spirit of past times, telling a story that’s both a tribute and a transformation.

Written by @713mag


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