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@chidozieomile is a premium footwear brand with one mission: to empower the Modern Muse through unique, timeless boots that can be worn at any time of the day. Their designs transcend seasonal trends, making them boots that truly last for a lifetime. Their flamboyant statement boots help elevate confidence and status through functionality and versatility, just what the Modern Muse needs to serve empowerment in their daily lives.

for his debut drop, ex-military shoe design Chidozie Omile launches his signature muse boot in ginger. It's design is inspired by the blood-stained combat boots soldiers wore in battle. The loud logo pattern screams war scaring away enemies.

The Muse Boot is crafted with 100% full-grain leather, features gold hardware and a sharply pointed toe that takes cues from a bayonet. The name ‘MUSE’ is an acronym for Military Unit Serving Empowerment.

The designer's childhood love for drawing boots combined with the artistry and high-end craftsmanship found in the cities of both Paris and London is what blossomed the start of his design career. Designing shoes was the perfect expression of his creative vision.


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