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There are our top ten picks for the @nofaithstudios "Raum 233" Collection. No Faith Studios has been one of the best-emerging brands for a while now offering consistent high-quality collections with all sorts of drops in between.

The German-based brand started by @luis_dobbelgarten was in our brands to watch this year and if their recent collection doesn't justify why, I'm not sure what will. For about a month now, NO/FAITH has blessed our feeds with 30 different looks posted to their page every single day.

Interestingly, their "Raum 233" Collection is named after the office room in which they work out of. The collection is rich in Denim, Leather and Faux Fur fabrics with Luis describing his collection as "sexy" and "dorky".

It's hard to pin down the most significant looks when there are 30 different ones all battling it out for the top prize. If you were to ask me, Look 2 may take that top position. It features a hooded denim backpack where the bag includes a large hood embellished with detail and NO/FAITHS' signature zip. On the other hand, Look 3 seems to be the look people mostly gravitated to as it gained plenty of attention from blogs and publications. The leather set includes a cropped jacket in conjunction with baggy leather pants. The leather fabric also has an aged aesthetic to it giving it a worn look. In particular NO/FAITH fashion, they finish off the design with an abundance of zippers particularly populated on the sleeves. The rest of the collection continues to possess plenty of detail such as distressed fabrics, different washes, silhouettes and a myriad of layers. While overall aesthetic and style was a focus in the collection, Luis balances this with utility and functionality through their use of pockets, cargo, sizing and harnesses.


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