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2023's Trend of the year was undoubtedly sports Jerseys, some brands are venturing out with hockey or rugby jerseys but the core sport was football inspired. Football x Fashion reigned Supreme this Year and whether it's a knock on effect of the 2022 World Cup, many people brands got in on this trend and I don't think consumers had anything against it. In this blog post, I look back at some of the best football jerseys that dropped this year.

House of Errors

Bene Culture

Ultralight LDN

Corvidae x 00Unia

By Sunmonu

Pierre Bassene World

Vicinity Jersey

Bravest Jersey

Saalt Studio

Corteiz for Carni

Lostboys Channel

IDA Supply

Drama x Manchester United

Row Z

Custom Klompen Tie Dye

Our Motherlan

99 Based

Opened Clothing

Avere Forza

Headless Forever

Free the Youth x Street Souk

Ezra Pharaoh


Osh FC

Sentino Studios

Gone Club


Felix Primo Ziegler

Afterhours FC

Years of Tears


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