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2023 was the year of fleeces!

I don’t think it’s outlandish to say this was trend of the year with fashion enthusiasts all looking to add fleeces to their wardrobe rotation. Fleeces have always tended to be boring and associated with your geography teachers but then the underground came in.

Upcoming designers around the world took matters into their own hands to add their own fashionable twists to the fleece.

We’ve collated the best fleeces I’ve seen this year so scroll though and discover.

Mutimer Construction Fleece

Ronning Forest Camo Seclusion Fleece

Trendt Vision Teddy Fleece

NL25H Night Lab Fleece

Specthetics Grinch Reversible Fleece

Strides Fleece

545 New Understandings Fleece

5MC2 Ninja Fleece

Abveallelse Panda Fleece


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