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After debuting its first drop earlier this year, the London based brand is back for seconds and got you guys covered with three new pieces for summer. Let's run through them.

Ghost Hood Convertible Nylon Wide Leg Pants - £130 (~ $167 / €150)

The Pant is laced with zippers as wearers are able to style these pieces in several different ways. These zippers allow you to turn the pant into shorts while also allowing you to detach the hood from the back by unzipping it.

The pant is then finished with a hidden zip on each side while the hood features one at the front and another on the back.

Sic Angel T-Shirt - £40 (~ $51 / €46)

Inspired by graffiti, the design was birthed with Instagram's drawing tool via stories. The designer's passion for drawing led him to use this as an official design which then got the "Angel" name after realising the design resembled wings.

Locomotive Tank Top - £70 (~ $90 / €81)

Sicrettuma then carries on their "Locomotive" series with their tank top that can be split into three using the two zippers attached.

Their drop arrived last Sunday, but you can still pick up some pieces while they're available!


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