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Set your alarms for tomorrow 9pm UK time because we're in for another drop from By Loho!

I have a lot of respect for brands that take a lot of time with their drops and may not drop as frequently. When they do drop, people are tuning in and staying attentive. Loho's community is so tuned in, the Discord is setting multiple alarms and signing up multiple times to the email list. It reminds me of the "A 1000 True Fans" theory.

Loho describes his aesthetic as "Ethereal" forming from his adoration for God, music by the American band Salem, the idea of nostalgia as well as earth-bound elements.

"One of my inspirations is a band named Salem. I randomly came across a song of theirs called Starfall and I was instantly hooked. The heavy synths and the slowed 808’s creates an ethereal feel that I wanted to incorporate into physical pieces. Basically, if that song was a physical thing it would be the clothes I craft."

The tailor also considers himself a filmmaker, he wants to take his aesthetic further with videography creating a short film for each drop backed by Salem inspired music.

"The music is the most important part of my films. I sometimes even create a whole new song to match the aesthetic of the film, I want the tune to be specifically tailored to the feeling my short films bring. I want to evoke nostalgia."

The tracksuit sees 270 gsm heavyweight cotton tailored into an oversized silhouette embellished with an acid wash draping beautifully for a relaxed fit ensuring you stay warm this winter. Let's not forget the rich details including the signature logo applied on the front of the hoodie and the metal tags on embedded on the back of both garms. Like Loho says: “If you see the metal patch, you know we’re we got the piece at”

"I do consider myself a tailor - the same way how they’ll craft a piece with you specifically in mind, I want to do exactly the same for the people."

Don't forget, set your reminders for tomorrow at 9pm. Got an interview with the Peoples Tailor on the way.

P.s some of the hoodies got surprises in them, cop to find out!


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