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The hand-painted clothing scene may be a quiet one but it's no short of hand-painted designers all showing their talents.

The way I see it, hand-painted designs are similar to musicians in the sense that people are expressing their inner thoughts, interests and stories onto canvases (clothes), the same way artists do over mics. Perhaps the most common theme we see amongst hand painters is anime. Anime's grip on the culture is so evident within this scene with Dragon Ball Z and many more being some of the most prevalent designs we see around. It's not just all about anime though. Teddy Opong gives us a fresh perspective on the scene focusing on love and energy. Creamy Studios and Ethereal Regalia go on to capture cultural moments through their garments while also lacing them with their own artistic expressions and designs. While we have pop culture, we also have cultures associated with countries and that's where Saint Valentine comes in embracing tradition through their designs. One of my favourite themes would go out to Sage Woll for her spiritual esque aesthetic where she has essentially shaped her own world with fictional characters and a light colour palette.

What do you think of this scene? Who's your favourite designer? Let me know.


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