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With Summer currently being in full effect, S4US has arrived just in time with their newest drop!

The capsule collection includes something for everyone with a mix of loud and more subtle designs across both menswear and womenswear. The ripple effect of the brand's revamp from earlier this year is apparent and still levelling up. A key focus was put on the presentation of the capsule collection as the eerie photography vibe is retouched with a dark and grungy aesthetic playing with shutter speeds and dim lighting (shot by @harrydperry_).

With the drop including essential Vests and Shorts laced with their logo branding, S4US also step out of their comfort zone with their Vengeance Vest consisting of a more experimental design on the chest and a larger design on the back. One of the bolder designs is the World Order T, which reimagines the classic NWO logo. The brand also taps into womenswear offering a selection of dresses and cropped vests also utilising their new design.

S4US Summer Capsule Breakdown

Vengeance Vest £25 ($32 / €29)

Vengeance Dress £35 ($44 / €41)

Vengeance Crop Top £25 ($32 / €29)

Essential Vest £25 ($32 / €29)

S4US World Order Tee £30 ($38 / €35)

S4US Essential Shorts £35 ($44 / €41)

Head to S4US for more!


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