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I know, I know, I’m late on this but December was a crazy content month. Nonetheless, in UNDISCOVERED tradition, here is the year 2023 rounded up.

Highly recommend you watch the Youtube Video where I go over:

  • 2023’s best moments

  • 2023’s best drops

  • as well as Trends (reviewing our 2023 trend predictions, seeing what trends arose in 2023 and predicting trends for 2024)

UK is bridging the gap

In my 2023 trend predictions, I mentioned how the UK brands will bridge the gap and 2024 saw the world embrace the UK more than ever. With the help of Dave and Central Cee’s tape this year they were able to put UK culture on the map which of course opens doors for our fashion scene. Clints, House of Errors and Years of Tears are only a fraction of the brands that touched eyeballs overseas and Corteiz’s moves this year go without saying. I there a bias in this, maybe lol, but what’s happening in the UK creative sense right now can't be ignored.

Football x Fashion grows stronger

2023 Football x Fashion bought us tunnel fits, a Bellingham and Louis Vuitton link-up, both of the Milan clubs garner their own deals with Off White and Moncler respectively all the way to the rise of Sportlife culture and more. Let’s not forget the multitude of brands offering their own football jerseys. The knock on effect of 2022s world cup seemed evident.

Attention Seeking is the new Meta

I’ve already made an in-depth post on this on my feed but brands garnering organic social media engagement through attention grabbing products and runway antics are the new Meta. Why do marketing when social media users can do it for you?

AI threatens the Industry

The introduction of AI shook all creative industries threatening both careers and authenticity. Will this take over? or will this die? Is there a way for us to work with AI. Only time will tell the answers.

The World adopted a new Uniform

The UK got a new uniform and the world took notes, Jorts and Jerseys were adopted worldwide and people just couldn't get enough. Week after week, brand after brand we saw new jorts and jerseys land with jerseys still being released into the winter.

Further Trends

Mules, Clogs, Birkenstocks, whatever you want to call them, had their shine this year in the footwear market. Then we got what I call the belt boom where we saw new custom belts week after week. Both products are traditionally boring but brands offered us their own spins by crafting them to their liking.

Visual Storytelling

CGI videos, video commercials and visual imagery campaigns. Way more effort is being put into telling stories and building worlds that consumers can imagine themselves in. The influence and inspiration from brands at the top of the visual storytelling food chain has evidently trickled down into more brands’ marketing play, especially emerging brands. Its time to leave the white background studio shots for your website and embrace crafting worlds and scenarios your consumers resonate with

“We Outsideeeee”

Pop up shops, events, public stunts are more common than ever. It seems like we've turned to the other extreme since Covid hasd us locked oin our houses. Weve now got our full freedom back and both brands and consumers are naming th most of it as if we took the outside for granted.


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