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The Ravage Journey drop II is presented on the market as the final chapter of a collection that lasted an entire year.

All the items are the result of an in-depth study carried out in the laboratory with our modellers in order to create the optimal combination of the perfect fit and unique colours, aiming to reflect both the brand’s stylistic line and the one of the entire international community that originated around it.

Furthermore, meticulous research in the choice of materials and manufacturing processes allows us to carry out the entire production cycle in an environmentally friendly way, reducing consumption and waste to a minimum.

If all of this is then combined with the renowned Made in Italy sartorial workforce, we achieve what in our opinion are among the best hoodies on the market.

Ravage, therefore, presents itself as the reality that seeks to reduce the increasingly pressing development of fast fashion by offering products that, despite being processed in the same companies as the best Italian luxury brands, are accessible to any type of buyer.


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