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Inspired by the exclusive private clubs of Japan and the United States in the 1960s, this collection embodies a timeless elegance and a sense of belonging.

Creative director Edmond Luu has envisioned "Club pour Homme" as a

sanctuary where individuals from all walks of life can gather and connect. This collection is more than just fashion; it’s a tribute to those unique spaces where people come together, irrespective of their professions or daily routines.

The genesis of this collection can be traced back to a vintage magazine named "Men’s club" that Edmond discovered in Japan "Men’s club" is a men’s fashion magazine that embodies the knowledge of the “unchiku” with a refined sense of elegance. Drawing inspiration from Japanese workwear, military attire, vintage biker aesthetics, American preppy style, and vintage sportswear, Luu has crafted a collection that blends diverse cultural influences.

The collection is dominated by bold lettering inspired by American letterman designs, showcased on knitwear and jersey, and creatively adapted to more conceptual pieces. Central to this collection is the use of jadestone, a significant element in Edmonds Asian heritage. Inspired by a narrative centered around a jade mine, the stone serves as an embellishment throughout the collection—from buttons to embroideries on denim sets—symbolizing the labour and social stratification associated with the mine from a pants, to a jacket, to a

special hat designed in collaboration with upcoming Parisian brand Abela.

Additionally, Luu reimagines the workwear staple, the tie, layering hundreds of them to make it a layered camo fabric. This innovative approach underscores the collection’s commitment to merging tradition with contemporary design.

With "Club pour homme", Pieces Uniques invites you to experience a

blend of classic sophistication and contemporary flair, designed to highlight the distinctive silhouettes that tell the stories of those who wear them. It’s about creating a universe where everyone is welcome, individuality is celebrated, and stories are shared through personal style.


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