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Discovering NL25H

When Daoud and Danial embarked on their creative journey - due to the normal working hours of everyday life the only time they ever had available to pursue anything creative would be the late hours of the night once the normal workday had been completed.

“We’d often refer to these late night sessions as the ‘Night Lab’. In a world where we balance life within those 24 hours - we felt as though these late night sessions gave us a feeling of something extra, an extended time almost as if where the world got 24 we got 25, hence birthing NL25h, Night Lab the 25th Hour.”

"The garments and silhouettes are tied heavily into retro futurism as a depiction of the future from the past of what the world would look like present day. We’re essentially creating uniforms for a world that was imagined by the people before us and keeping that imagination alive today."

The use of panelling an the way the brand integrates that with different patterns, colours and textures allows them to stand apart from the competition creating truly unique pieces. The colour palette is kept simple and muted, the textures vary from your general cotton all the way to sherpa, nylon and more and as explained previously the patterns and designs boast a futuristic personality to them.

Having secured a collab with Pacsun, caught the eyes of NBA star James Harden, and selling out their drops quickly, its not difficult to see how much those daily 25 hours paid off. NL25h is a force to be reckoned with.


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