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TikTok star Drew2Wavy is finally launching his clothing brand Main Charact3r. It's a move he's been teasing for a long time and it only makes sense considering his TikTok presence and overall personality. The use of the words "XP", "Cargo Crusader" and his funny use of vocabulary are all things that have built his brand over social media. If there is one guy known for wearing Cargos, its Drew.

"As I gained followers on Instagram my DMs were flooded with people asking [where] to get cargos everyday. I was recommending plenty of brands who didn’t give me much recognition and I realised I could make something much better than what was available."

We reached out to him for a better understanding of what his brand is about. Here’s what he had to say:

“A lot of people are scared to express themselves due to the judgement of other people. Particularly where I’m from in the U.K. where youth are often ostracised for dressing differently meaning everyone ends up looking the same (default skin). But ultimately it’s your life and you're the Maincharact3r in it Nobody else so you should express your individuality. I see life as a game and you should play it how you want, without letting the opinions of others (NPCs) stop you. You are the star of your own show.”

Drew has seen the value in growing a personal brand and leveraging that to grow a business. Drew believes that his Tiktok is his “biggest asset” to market his brand. However, eventually, he wants both the brand and him to have separate identities as “it is not simply merch but a brand with a larger message” he wants to “share to society”

"It was only right we started off with cargos, but over the past year I’ve designed almost every item of clothing you can think of. They will be released when the time is right . For now the drops are password based but going forward this will change. I can’t reveal too much but you will require some sort of skill rather than speed and luck to buy anything as the drops are always going to be fairly limited to keep things sustainable."

Here’s more of what we know regarding the drop

- Maincharact3r is launching Sunday 4th December at 5pm GMT

- The first drop will be cargos

- For now the drops will be password protected

- Drops will follow a Limited Model

- To buy items in the future, it will rely on “some sort of skill rather than speed and luck”

A key takeaway is to look at how Drew is using TikTok marketing in a different way. The personality and style he built, is a perfect foundation for marketing the brand and I wouldn't be surprised if he used it within his brand also. It's only right.

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