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Vented London is a brand out of the UK with roots in grime and skate culture.

One of their signature pieces is their series of concrete ashtrays which reflects the disused state of repurposed skate bowls. Each ashtray is intricately handmade in London giving each item its own unique imperfections. They currently retail for £35 and come in different versions such as the original, the halfpipe and the funbox.

They also have one that resembles a DJ deck set paying homage to their musical inspirations. It seems like handcrafted objects are embedded in the core of their brand as they've also recently teased a rover ashtray and replicated other objects such as brick phones and PSPs.

I'm excited to see what next pieces Joshua (owner of vented) comes up with next. Let us know what objects would be sick to replicate below. If you want to know more about vented. Be sure to watch our videos on brands to watch from London on our youtube channel.


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