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Having recently dropped their Opal Tears Pt 2 Jewellery Collection, it was only right I covered how hard Inferno Studios goes with the jewellery

The pieces are mainly made out of .925 silver with the earrings and bracelets even having Opal stones in them. One flick through the product descriptions and images shows you how packed with detail these pieces are. The design and attention to detail show you this isn’t no half assed thing for the sake of making jewellery. There’s real effort and passion for jewellery that @umainferno puts into these.

Apart from the jewellery, you can tell that photography and graphic design are also their specialities. The amazing shots coupled with their graphic designs and edits really highlight an aesthetic of their own.

Here is a breakdown of the pieces

“Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You” Ring

Colours: Black / Silver

Price Range: $138 - $168

Opal “X” Earrings

Colours: Black / Oxidised Silver / Silver

Price Range: $108

Opal Stone “X” Bracelet

Colours: Black / Ancient Silver / Silver

Price Range: $168 - $172

Cross Necklace

Colours: Black / Silver

Price Range: $78 - $120

Tribal Thorn Crown Ring V2

Colours: Silver

Price Range: $108

Cross Stud Earrings

Colours: Black

Price Range: $68

Insignia Hoop Earring

Colour: Silver

Price Range: $88

Head to their page and stay tuned for more coming, it’d be dope to see what else they drop!


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