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Bluboy finally released his long waited collection “Blu Religion”

The collection would be Blu’s second collection with them and overall fifth collaboration. Blu was on a serious run last year with 2023 seemingly being one of his best years but with this drop, it is safe to say we have another incredible year ahead for the American designer.

The collection consists of two denim sets (indigo/black) with the black set having a bomber top and the blue using the traditional denim jacket and two sweatsuits (black/red) accompanied by classic Ts (black/red). What I truly like about the collection is the matchup. Never would I predict this match up between the brands but it works so well. I say this mainly because of the balance between both brand's logos and iconography. It doesn't feel one sided to to True nor does it seem one-sided to Blu. Apart from the obvious names rhyming and matching up, both brands are able to seamlessly fuse their logos, branding and iconography together without making it seem forced, something a lot of collabs nowadays struggle to do. From True’s signature contrast stitch to Blu’s ghost iconography, it all forms beautifully into one. It’s almost like everything was thought about meticulously including the buttons, the distressing and the colour palette in regards to where and how these colours are paired up.

This time around, Blu was given full creative direction of the collection from the design all the way to the editorial shoot which explains why this is really Blu’s world. The talent is impossible to ignore. Shoutout to True Religion for giving independent designers their shine too.

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