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Today we’re weaving into the world of tapestry pieces and I’ll admit, I've been sleeping on it.

This relates to last week's point on how embroidery brings something different to your brand's designs. Tapestry does the same thing by adding a new texture and look to your designs. It’s one of the easiest ways for your products to stand out if tapestry pieces match your brand aesthetic. Tapestries are created by weaving colourful threads through a frame of threads on a loom. Instead of going all the way across, the threads go back and forth to build blocks of colour and make a design.

What I also love is the versatility of tapestry pieces. Brands have creatively expanded how tapestry is applied to their clothing by working with pieces that aren’t just t-shirts and hoodies but also bottoms, shoes & more. Some designers even upcycled the material by integrating it with your standard pieces.

From Skyco Studios dropping the first ever tapestry shoes, I've ever seen (which is yet to drop) to Swave Clo's debut drop consisting of tapestry pieces featuring a Tupac x Aaliyah Hoodie & Zip up, plus a Kobe Shirt. Let me know which one you're feeling the most.


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