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@yaku.____ is a young and upcoming designer based out of the UK. His work draws inspiration from Afro-futurism which he uses to engage with black culture as a whole. Yaku also taps into his imagination with a lot of his designs being inspired by video game characters and online fantasy games such as RuneScape.

In February, Yaku went on to present his collection at Central Saint Martins MA Graduate Show. The collection was dubbed 'The Impossible Family Reunion in RPG Space' as it drew inspiration from his own family members in which he incorporated their personalities into separate garments and looks. This collection went on to win him the L'Oreal Pro Creative Award of the Year.

When I look at Yaku's designs, I see that he does not follow a certain formula, each look and each design seemingly has a life of its own. The shapes, silhouettes, colours, materials and textures are carefully thought through adding a loud and exaggerated look to his pieces. I see the designs more as a product of research and experimentation around topics of interest to the designer. Looking over his feed, it's like he's offering you multiple characters to choose from in an imagery video game. The looks truly echo that fantasy world aesthetic he strives for.

If I had to pick one piece for myself it'd either be the puffer vests or the whole sculpture set 😂.

Check out further looks via his page!


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