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Trikko is a Spanish based brand with the brothers Moad and Ibrahim having Morrocan heritage. Together they’ve built a brand with a loyal community behind it selling out multiple drops. They've been able to leverage short form content as their primary marketing tactic to build what they have today.

After having their accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers nuked on multiple occasions on both TikTok and Instagram, the relentless brand is still standing today dominating the short-form content game. Today they stand at over 250,000 followers across their brand accounts and founder accounts.

But how exactly did they hack they hack the system?

1. Storytelling

If you can make people feel something whether good or bad, you leave a lasting impression on them. The founder Moad always takes you through a story in his videos engaging in consumers. His down to earth character makes him relatable meaning he can retain your attention throughout the video.

2. Familiarity

Everybody knows a Trikko video by the consistent motifs seen in the videos. the AI voice, the editing style with quick cuts and sound effects, the decorated room and Moad in his signature mask with his animated energy. These aspects complement the storytelling as they all command attention and become synonymous with the brand after you see it repetitively. The style has even gone on to get copied by multiple other people.

3. Core Identity

Every video, Moad relates back to what trikko is about and refers to his audience in his videos. this creates a connection between him and customers forming a community. The consistent use of clips showing past events, hand deliveries and behind the scenes, clips of him working on the brand reinforces what Trikko is about.

4. Drama

the dramatic music and the exaggerative stories all bring you in and keep you listening. using a waiting list and limited quantities combined with a time period of when people can cop create both the scarcity and urgency that push people to buy.

5. Humour

This is one of the easiest and most common ways humans connect. It makes it easier for people to like you and links to my next point.

6. Chill Vibes

While the videos are both dynamic and dramatic , you can tell moad and the brand still have an overall chill vibe. they’re cool people you can imagine yourself kicking it with.

7. Culture

Arguably one of the most important elements, they understand culture. Trikko look the part whether it’s thorough dress sense, musical references or recognition from global figures

8. Community

Last but not least, Trikko care. They care about their community and often give back and reply to comments or even mention their audiences in videos.


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