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Prices & costs always seem to be a touchy subject across any emerging scene. consumers think emerging creatives should charge low because they’re “starting out” but you also have a side of people encouraging people to charge what they’re worth and own it, I heavily stand with the latter.

Pricing is always something I keep an eye on as it’s interesting information to gather while also seeing what type of brand one is aiming to be. I also keep a close eye on interactions and feedback from consumers regarding products and in this case pricing.

Don't get me wrong there are definitely brands out here that probably shouldn’t charge what they do but it’s easy to tell which brands are in the game for a quick cash grab. On the other hand, there are brands out here who are really setting the standard for what a brand should be, those are the brands that can really price what they think they’re worth.

I think consumers also need to consider we are in modern times. Prices will always increase yearly. I think the space would be a better place if consumers understood what it took to run a profitable business with stock costs, overheads, staff wages and more. I think the main reason consumers feel entitled to lower prices is because of companies like Amazon, Shein and fast fashion brands setting such low prices for their products. Consumers are so accustomed and used to those prices that it’s warped the standard of how clothing should be priced. They don’t realise that those companies can get away with prices like this due to their size and sometimes at the expense of ethics.

Should clothing brands charge lower or do consumers have it all wrong? Let me know your thoughts by discussing via the IG post.


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