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Kankan recently stated that Denim Tears is the new Vlone. And for me, while it doesn't make sense, it also makes a lot of sense.

Both brands are quite different when we look at the concepts and message behind the brands (does Vlone even have a message?) Denim Tears arguably also has a more commercial touch to it when you consider their branding, collaborations and industry respect. But I think where the similarities are drawn from comes from the audience. It’s not wild to say Denim Tears and Vlone share the same target audience. Both brands are also associated with the same parts of the culture whether that be rappers being seen in the brands or style influencers & enthusiasts acquiring pieces for their wardrobe. I also think the fact that both brands have symbols they are recognised by (Denim Tears’ Cotton Wreath or Vlone’s infamous V logo) also adds to the comparison.

I also find it interesting how Kankan says “not in a good way” my assumption is he’s referring to how Denim Tears is way too accessible, hence why the meme has been created. Could this possibly hint at the start of the downfall of Denim Tears? Tremaine Emory's recent controversy adds fuel to the fire as the situation had people very split on opinion. But as the saying goes, “people buy from people” and the situation with Supreme most definitely left a stain on his image which can affect the brand as a knock-on effect

There could be a whole host of reasons why both brands have been put together but Id love to hear your opinion below


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