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Fashion's boundaries really bridge across industries, this is evident with various designers all coming out with their own home decor pieces aimed at elevating your home and giving it personality. I've been shy about sharing things out of fashion boundaries but realised it's time to be open and broaden my perspective strategically while still staying true to UNDISCOVERED's main purpose. So here's a selection of homeware pieces I've been keeping my eyes on.

House Of Errors All Seeing Eye Chair

Fully linked up with designer and student Maria Gil to produce the All-seeing Eye Chair. What was 18 months in the making finally comes to fruition. With Maria's Ideas and Fully's resources and trust, teamwork amounted to an incredible outcome. Taking inspiration from House of Errors All Seeing Eye motif, it's packed with details at a size of 185x120x150cm. The chair also looks mad comfy. I don't think I've ever wanted to sit on one so bad 😂.

Clint's Inc Mascott Chair

One of Mannehs finest known for their fire footwear range took their craftsmanship skills to the field of woodwork and created their Mascot Chair. The chair is laced with Clints Inc signature motif including their "CLINTS" Sole.

Unwonted By Choice Age of Starlight Mirror

After being rejected by several manufacturers, Ibukun-Oluwa, took matters into his own hands (literally) by creating the mirrors himself using materials he found on eBay. The mirror is a symbol to do whatever tf you want and never take no for an answer.

Curves At Home Spill Mirror

This is a brand actually centred around homeware, presented by Sean Brown. I discovered their spill mirrors last year and automatically had the instinct to share them with people. The mirrors speak for themselves.

Headless Homeware Playboi Jarti Jar

After being received harshly by fans when it dropped, Whole Lotta Red turned into an iconic classic that influenced the culture. Headless Homeware came just in time with their jar design resembling Cartis head during the WLR era.

OMO Madera Armchair

While this is still a concept in the works to become life, Bobby Lerma was not playing with when designing this wooden piece for his brand. It's yet to confirm when it'll drop but it's a good sign of bigger things to come for the brand.

Village Mice Figures

New York Based Steven Savoca is the creative mind behind the mouse figurines. What was birthed by accident from sketches he used to draw around Warren Lotas, came to life with designs, shoes and eventually Mice figures coming in a range of sizes.

Solem Deep Blue Pottery

I've recently seen Toronto based potter/ceramicist, Solem make waves for her Deep Cobalt Blue Pottery. It's clear that it's a dope piece as it caught the attention of many and turned into a full collection which she looks to expand on. The most captivating element is its deep blue colour making it almost look fake. I honestly thought it was Photoshop at first glance 😂.

Blazzys Potsperity Pott

Blazzy has been one of the designers creating homeware pieces having a whole decked out collection of them, but we can't forget when he linked up with NTWRK to drop this Pot resembling the famous Birkin Bag.

Teddy Opong Paintings

You may recognise the name as a designer that we've covered before but this time we want to focus on Teddy's art, especially his paintings. His very unique style is very recognisable with his focus on portraits and other things in his daily life.

Kobbi Banks Motherland Table

This is another concept we wish can come to life. Designed by Kobbi himself and 3D modelled by Sarim. Kobbi Bank's Motherland Table pays homage to his mothers' strength. In some parts of West Africa, women are known to carry and balance heavy loads on their heads, and this table proves as a testament to the designer's mother's physical and mental strength. The pixelated face represents how this work goes unnoticed and is a blue to society. The glass slate at the top of the head comes in the shape of Kobbis Motherland Ghana, as a symbol of African women's ability to "lift up nations". However long it takes, let's hope it becomes reality one day.

IG Rugs 3D Lugia Rug

The Custom rug wave isn't as strong as it used to be and part of me misses that. IG Rugs provided us with a sense of nostalgia not only through the rug wave but also by digging back into our childhoods with Pokemon providing this custom 3D Lugia Rug.

Activity LA "The World is Yours" Inflatable Blimp

Activity LA took inspiration from one of the culture's most significant movies and created a "The World is Yours" Inflatable Blimp. It rightfully went viral around the scene and it's only right I bring this beauty back into something that could complement your home, especially if you're a beloved fan of the Scarface film.

Seraphic Clipse inspired Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hip Hop Duo, Clipse (Pusha T & Malice) come in the form of ceramic figures for your salt and pepper


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