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The diverse world of fashion sees no boundaries when it comes to who can become a designer and who can’t, today I want to shine light on the youngest designers (under 20) in the scene going crazy.

Drew / Offgod, 18

Hailing out of Hong Kong, the 18 year old designer is responsible for creating the headphone accessory wave. 2022 to 2023 saw a massive boom in headwear accessories being made and Drew is responsible for it. From public co-signs by Pharrel to designing Bape runway accessories, Offgod is a future icon.

Ibukun Oluwa, 19

A fashion designer from east London showing strong promise and passion for his craft. From rosaries to denim jeans and tracksuits, his attention to detail and diligent execution are all you need to understand why he sees himself as a craftsman. With one of his biggest inspirations being Chrome Hearts, this is a designer whose growth I’m very much looking forward to seeing.

Loho, 19

Loho is cousin Ibukun, it’s insane how they share that similar eye for detail and thought behind pieces, yet they’re both setting their own paths with their brands. Loho just sold out his latest drop in 4 minutes, that speaks volumes in of itself. It does more talking than I need for this post. The aesthetic he’s been able to develop is one of a kind so I’m excited to see where Loho goes.

Rustial, 17

I still remember the first time I talked to Rustial and the elevation has been amazing to see. I love seeing the growth of brands and it’s one of the things I keep track of when engaging with some of you. Rustial is one of the designers who’s really gone in to make a name for themselves with his avant-garde denim pieces possessing exaggerated silhouettes, intricate details and heavy distressing. As the young designer approaches 10k, the recognition he’s getting is only deserved.

NN Mends, 19

Last but not least, we have the Iranian designer, NN Mends showcasing to the world his spin on the Boro embroidery technique. Boro involves distressing and repairing materials over and over. What NN Mends brings to the table is versatility in regards to colours, silhouettes and denim styles used. This is one of the newer designers I’ve discovered on this list so best believe, I’ll be rooting for him and watching the growth.

Who did I miss out? Plug some of the youngest designers below.


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