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Gage Studios bring Hell to Earth with their Hell on Earth Collection! 🔥😈

Available: Now!

Gage Studios is about repurposing the past. They use vintage blanks for their 1 of 1 pieces and then use vintage band tees as inspiration for graphics, colours or the final look of the garments for their mainline collections.

Gage Studios just released the “HELL ON EARTH” collection which features a back graphic depicting the devil playing puppet master to Earth. This was a graphic designed in the last week of 2020 and then printed on a blank tee they had lying around on the last day of 2020 at 11:30.

The graphic is meant to represent the past year and how it felt like a spiralling disaster. The front features “GAGE” text in the centre with a hand painted devil skull layered on top.

The collection consists of 1 tee, 1 longsleeve and 1 hoodie, all with the same graphic on. They then decided to throw in an extra white tee that has this “sand trooper” design on it to represent the fight and struggle everyone has had this year.

IG: @gagestudios


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