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Month after month, S4US are back with a new collection and this month, they're blessing us with a puffer specialised to fight the freezing temperatures of another cold winter season.

Dubbed as their “Raven Jacket on steroids”, the puffer fuses a mix of both matte and gloss panelling with the upper being protected with a velcro zip ensuring the warmth the puffer generates stays nice and secure. The rest of the puffer then features button pockets on the chest and Pull tabs on the hood and waist to adjust the fit to your liking. S4US take warmth and cosiness further by lining the pockets with a fleece like texture meaning your hands are covered if you forget your gloves. Last but not least, we have the signature S4US logo embroidered on the top of the velcro cover as well as just below the neck on the back of the puffer.

“I wanted to create the best puffer imaginable and I feel I have done that with this piece. Over a years work has gone into this. It’s the little things like the fluff on the inside of the pockets that help make a big difference! By far the best quality piece I’ve made.” - S4US

The puffer will be available today at 6pm UK time, head over to their page and don't miss out.


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