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Fashion Drops of the Week 50 (21/12/2020) Moshpit Misfits, Babylon LA, Aggravated Culture & Mor

Here are this week’s Fashion Drops of the Week, for the week commencing 21st December, the 50th week of 2020.


10. Paisa Boys Christmas Eve Drop

9. Babylon LA “Waver” T

8. Fuccuuwant “No Fear Just Freedom”

7. Drippy LDN Boxing Day Sale Drop

6. Fate US “Affirmations” T

5. Overstood Clothing Sample Sweater

4. Seventy Seven LDN “Battle against Evil” Hoodie

3. Aggravated Culture All over logo Jacquard Beanie

2. Organic Garmentz Brain Collection Tracksuit

1. Moshpit Misfits Varsity Jacket


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