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Fashion Drops of the Week 5 (1/2/2021) 2kstglobal, Moonlight Mansion, VVlore

Here are this week’s Fashion Drops of the Week, for the week commencing 1st February, for the 5th week of 2020.


10. Glisten Wallet & Cap

9. Late Night Creatives “Earth Tone” Gully Ts

8. Humble UK Tracksuits

7. VVlore Brand Valentines Hoodie and Trucker Cap

6. Other World “Inferno” Capsule

5. Grind City “Broken Dreams” Zipped Hoodie

4. Moonlight Mansion Velour Pants, Knit Hoodie and Zip Up Hoodie

3. Ceasarss “Electric” Suits

2. Scare USA “Doomsday” Hoodie

1. 2kstglobal Atomic Pullover


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