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Famously Famous is a young brand emerging from Greater Manchester producing meaningful pieces and fresh visuals. This collection seems to be a step into the elevation of the brand so they are definitely one to keep on the radar.

After a short break to elevate brand foundations, Manchester-based streetwear label, Famously Famous is back with Part 1 of their newest collection titled the ‘Workshop Drop’.

Last year Famously Famous released a varsity-style jacket with their signature logo embroidered across the piece. Selling out instantly; the brand has since received major demand for the ‘Baseball Puffer’, and is now rereleasing it alongside the ‘Sketch Long Sleeve’.

It seems Famously Famous is creating hype for the drop by only releasing two items from the multipiece collection. The ‘Workshop Drop’ follows the narrative of something being invented, from design to manufacturing and then the final product. We can see this concept through the first item by the blackboard-style design sketch of the Famously Famous asterisk logo on the long sleeve, a motif that will be seen throughout the collection.

We are excited to see how Famously Famous continue the ‘Workshop’ concept throughout the rest of the collection but for now, Part 1 is set to be released on their website, Sunday the 5th at 7 pm.

We definitely got to release a Brands on the Map: Manchester version because this is one of the most exciting brands coming out the city. I’m excited to see the heights they reach!


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