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Gami is the creator of the brand ‘FORSAIL’. Born and raised out of Queens, NY. He officially started his brand in September 2019 after he purchased his first embroidery machine. Gami Has Sold tens of thousands of units within the first year of his brand.

The concept of the brand is based upon Pirates. The pirates of today, those who take what they want in life and those who are trying to find their way.

It can be relatable to anyone who’s following their dreams as far as a career or being an entrepreneur. Nonetheless, just someone that’s doing what they love.

When it comes to FORSAIL the quality is the main focus. Especially, when it comes to the brand. From the materials, to quality prints, stitching and designs. Gami focuses on the nature of quality vs. quantity over making quick cash.

Gami’s passion for his brand and name are both equally important to him rather then selling “bullshi*t”.

Currently, Gami occupies his own store in NYC. Securing a lot more equipment where he completes his own production.

The way that Gami has presented his brand is a little unique from what others are doing. There are no restocks. His merchandise is always sold out and closed for new orders if you don’t catch his drops at the right time.

It seems Forsail is a brand to stay. Stay updated with them below!


Instagram: forsailofficial

Stay updated with Gami: forsailgami

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