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While Chanel announced a surprise visit to the North of England earlier this week, it was Drama Call that really made their presence known.

Hundreds of people pulled up on the rainy streets of Manny in the Northern Quarter, outside where Chanel was meant to have their runway, to get their hands on one of the 250 shirts Drama Call was giving out for free.

The spontaneous event was prompted by an incident that happened where a homeless man died on the streets due to weather conditions on Sunday, and then Chanel went on to hold their runway the same week on a Thursday. Charlie Bows took matters into his own hands and also raised money for homelessness while hustlers went on to resell their free shirts via Depop.

Drama Call are known to always give back to the community especially those who don't have a lot. On Black Friday, they partnered with a local charity shop to sell their beanies for £1 while doing the same thing last year. At its point, giving back is part of the brand DNA making it Drama Call Tradition.


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